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Skin Care Tips

In this article, you will learn about how to care skin naturally? How to care acne skin? Athletes how to care their feet? And some general tips that apply to all persons.

How to care skin naturally?
There are various methods of natural skin care; some of them are as follows:

Herbal remedies
Drinking plenty of water

Herbal remedies:
Using herbal remedies is the best solution for skin care. Herbal remedies have no side effects. Herbal remedies are of two types that are oral such as green tee and topical such as honey etc.

Fruits as natural remedies:
Fruits contain vitamins and minerals that are necessary for skin. Iron in fruits ensures efficient supply of oxygen towards skin and rest of the body. Minerals and vitamins take part in anti-oxidation. Eat fruits instead of too much meets and processed dairy products. You can also apply fruit extractions on the affected area in the skin.

Healthy skin requires efficient supply of nutrients and oxygen, thus exercise ensures efficient blood supply towards skin.


Water is a universal solvent and each reaction takes place in presence of water. Water removes toxicity from the blood that causes skin disorders such as acne and rash. Use around 8 to 12 glasses of water.

How to care acne skin?
Acne is the inflammation of hair follicles and sebaceous glands. There are various causes of stimulation of sebaceous glands; some of them are listed below:

Parasitic activity
Weak immune system
Exposure to direct sunlight
As a best remedy, first you need to avoid the above causes. After you avoided to the causes, you may use antioxidants such as green tee, lemon, green vegetables and honey to get cure from acne.

Athletes how to care their feet?
Athletes usually suffer from fungal infection, they should use antifungal remedies. Garlic is one of the potent anti-fungal remedy but do not use it unless you consult with your doctor as it may produce irritation and damage the skin.

There are hundreds of oil and tonics for massaging the affected area. The herbal oil may contain anti-bacterial and anti-fungal remedy.

General tips for skin care:

Avoid direct exposure to sunlight
Do not wash with hot water; use lukewarm water as hot water removes oily substance called sebum from your skin.
Drink plenty of water as it is a universal compound and best solvent
Avoid too much cosmetics
Eat plenty of fruits and vegetables
Cut off too much dairy products

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