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Asthma - What Your Doctor Doesn't Want You to Know About Asthma

Bronchial Asthma or Exertional Asthma or Hayfever or Allergies

My brother uses to suffer from Asthma and I can still remember the horrifying trips to hospital, the wheezing, the gasping, and the helplessness I felt as I watched him struggle to get the first basic necessity of life into his body - oxygen. The fact that there seemed to be no solution to this problem was probably the worst thing of all.

We live in a society that focuses on dealing with an issue after it has arisen rather than preventing it in the first place. There are many effective drugs that doctors prescribe for asthma, some need to be taken every day, some only when it flares up. However they do not fix the problem and offer no solution - just treatment - time and time again.

Many, many people in our high tech society suffer from this nasty disease without knowing why they are afflicted with it, or find any real answer. The drugs asthmatics take are strong anti-inflammatories and/or relax the throat and open the passageways without addressing the real issue. They just want you to buy more, and take it again next time it flares up!!

Very basically. the mucus covering the little brushes inside the area running from your nose to the top of your lungs filters out poisonous pro-oxidants (bad stuff) by neutralising them with anti-oxidants like Vitamin C, E and (you'll all know this one) glutathione. These anti-oxidants work together to attack the enemy and protect the lungs so they can get on with the real job of helping you breathe (kind of important). If the attack on the mucus is beaten off all well and good, however if it is NOT, then this can lead to bad inflammation of the lung tissue underneath and damange the lung in its actual fuction. This in turn leads to a lack of energy, tiredness and an adult or child (you all know one) who always seems to be getting sick with the latest cough, cold or flu. This is because their immune system is running below that of the average person.

Clinical trials have found that patients with asthma have very low levels of Vitamin C, E and beta-carotene in their nasal mucus even when they were NOT having a strong attack. Also they had very high levels of the the by-products that are made by the oxidative stress that leads to inflammation and overworking of the the lungs.

The true answer lies in building the long-suffering asthmatics struggling defense system which is already in place, to a level that is described by the word optimum rather than inadequate. A defense system which does the job that it is meant to do rather than crumbling under each attack because it does not have the right ammunition to fight it.

A adult or child with a weak immune system can boost it with a high quality multi-vitamin combined with strong anti-oxidant protection. Additional doses of vitamin C will boost the immune system further as it is the most effective out of the anti-oxidants fighting inflammation in the nasal passages.

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