Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Beating the Odds for God's People Eating Out

When you receive the Seal you start to notice what you eat. You start to eat more healthy foods in smaller portions. But this is not so easy if you eat out a lot. And right now restaurants are fighting to keep feeding you unhealthy foods.

The big culprit is trans fats. Food sold in grocery stores now must declare its trans fats content on its label. But restaurant food is sold hot and is not required to declare how much trans fat is in it.

Trans fats are found in oils that are chemically altered by people. The alteration gives them a longer shelf life which makes them cheaper to sell and also to use. So restaurants want to use trans fats, caring nothing for the fact that they are some of the most harmful foods for you that are known.

God did not intend for you to eat trans fats. Little has been done by people to alter food that has benefited people. Most alteration of food is done so it it will not spoil. But that greatly compromises nutrition.

God created perfect nutrition in perfect foods. And he revealed to people ways to preserve food and actually increase its nutrition and healthiness, like the fermenting of foods which preserves them and makes them easier to digest.

God's creation is perfect. And He is perfect. When you are sealed you approach that perfection. You want to become perfect yourself. And part of that growing is to maintain a better diet for yourself.

That means you have to cut out foods like trans fats. But if you eat out a lot you are going to encounter trans fats in most restaurants, not to mention portions that are too big and contain more calories than you need.

Trans fats will kill you quickly. Eat them regularly and you will die young. Study after study has shown it to be true. And no studies have shown that eating a lot of trans fats does not affect people.

But the National Restaurant Association would like to keep trans fats in restaurants indefinitely. 14 states have proposed a ban or restriction on trans fats in restaurants. None of them have passed bills so far.

The enemy is the National Restaurant Association. They are lobbying tirelessly complaining how inconvenient it would be to switch over from trans fats to healthier natural oils like God created for you.

While the NRA is making excuses New York City has successfully banned trans fats in all restaurants with great results. They are the model of leadership for the rest of the country. Without legislation it looks like most restaurants will never change.

How can the NRA fight bills that would make them remove trans fats? Do they care at all about nutrition? Do they care about people at all, including themselves? The answer seems to be "No!" They do not care.

But God cares about your health. And so much of it is dependent on your diet. He cares, and when you are sealed, you will care too. Even if it takes years you will change your diet when you are sealed.

One thing you can do is avoid all trans fats. And if you do not know how to recognize them, avoid anything with something "partially hydrogenated." That means you should always avoid foods like margarine.

You want to eat what God created. That is the right fit for you. And you want to eat foods produced the way God intended. So with modern farming methods too devised by people and even cruel to animals, organic foods are more godly.

When you become sealed you start to notice that what you eat affects the way you feel too. You will feel better when you get proper nutrition. You will feel closer to God. And that is why you receive the Seal--to be closer to God.

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