Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Simple Steps To Healthy Heart Care

Healthy heart care is an issue which could affect any of us especially as we grow older. The heart is one of the the most talked about parts of your body. The heart used metaphorically describes love as a great hurt such as a broken heart. "My heart overflows with my love for you," says a young man to his sweetheart. The emotions that we express with our heart are only one element of the human makeup. The other portion consists of having a healthy heart.

The heart is a major part of your body organs and functions to keep you alive and healthy. It is a noted fact that not only emotions affect your heart as other factors such as your food, your lifestyle, exercises, and pressure all play a pertinent role in heart health. The American Heart Association provides a great deal very good information about heart care. The Cleveland Clinic and other medical centers provide knowledge and steps you can take to ensure you have a healthy heart.

Exercising is a very import element of healthy heart care. We appreciate that not everyone can go to the gym or has the room in their home for gym equipment. We have some suggestions that will help with your heart health care.

- Sit in a comfortable chair and make sure you loosen your clothing for comfort.

- Start with your feet and ankles; rotate them only to the point where you feel the strain.

- Next gently work up to your legs raising them up and holding them for about five minutes.

- Work your hands and arms by raising them one side and then the other.

- Move your head up and down then back and forth in gentle motions.

About 20 minutes a day will help you relieve the strain in your life and will allow you to relax. This is a great way to improve on your general heart health. The next thing is your diet arrangement. Please remember it isn't so much what you eat rather how much and how regularly. We suggest you stay away from the ordinary things that individuals talk about such as fats, too many sweets and desserts, and things that you already know will harm you.

The heart is measured by taking your blood pressure with the results letting your doctor be certain as to your position. While reading your heart, first the physician looks at the Systolic level since systolic heart failure starts whens the left ventricle cannot contract vigorously which is probably a pumping issue. The diastolic heart failure occurs as long as the left ventricle can not relax or fill completely which then becomes a filling issue. The heart must but be able to pump vigorously and then relax to refill with blood to keep a healthy heart.

The truth is that the nations' biggest killer is heart disease and we have piece meal data gathered nation wide. AHA has put together some prime information on the subject and published it while the U.S. Government has not attempted to track heart disease at all. The AHA feels strongly that the government must get involved.

Yes, the heart is at the very soul of our existence. For many we think of the heart as long as we are in love or at a time of personal loss. As we grow older we begin to scrutinize the real heart, the arteries, veins, and the effects on our heart by the things we do. Take some simple precautions for healthy heart care and revel in your life.

About the Author
Mark has suffered with a congestive heart problem since 1994 and is now severely disabled. He now maintains a website for anyone who wants information on congestive heart problems. More informative articles on Heart Disease are available here

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