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Teeth Whitening in Denver

You may feel that your teeth are too discolored to ever be white again, but cosmetic dentists are achieving amazing results with the newest whitening techniques. Red wine, soda, coffee and tea, among other food and drink, contribute to the discoloration of teeth over time. Smokers teeth can become permanently stained if the discoloration is not treated in a timely manner. Tooth trauma caused by a fall or collision can cause tooth discoloration. Tooth brushing alone can not brighten teeth dulled by years of exposure to such discoloring agents. In fact, people with dull teeth sometimes over-brush in an attempt to eliminate stains, and this can harm the enamel covering of the tooth.
The Advantages of Teeth Whitening

The advantage of having your teeth whitened in the dental office is that this approach is fast and produces immediate improvement. Typically, your teeth can be whitened by several shades within 45 minutes, dramatically improving your appearance in the shortest possible time. Tooth shade charts are used during the consultation stage of treatment to establish your current shading and determine your whitening goal. In-office whitening is unique in this respect, as your dentist has more control over achieving your specific teeth whitening goals.

The Procedure

During your teeth whitening procedure, you are made comfortable while your teeth are prepared. Your dentist places a guard in your mouth to protect the lips and gums from a whitening gel that is applied to the teeth.

Here are some of the top providers in Denver:

-Denver BriteSmile Teeth Whitening Spa - You may feel that your teeth are too discolored to ever be white again, but cosmetic dentists are achieving amazing results with the newest whitening techniques. The patented BriteSmile tooth whitening gel contains only 15% hydrogen peroxide while other teeth whitening gel has as much as 35%-50% which could cause tooth sensitivity. The gel also contains other ingredients such as glycerin and highly purified water to prevent tooth dehydration and to further ensure safety. Brite Smile Denver 231 Detroit Street Suite 100 Denver 80206

-Cosmetic Dentistry Denver Dr Bernard Slota, D.D.S. - Dr. Bernard Slota. Your cosmetic dentist in Denver creates dream smiles for patients on a daily basis. We also offer Zoom teeth whitening as seen on ABCs Extreme Makeover television show for in office 1 hour tooth whitening. 1050 17th Street, Suite B190 Denver,Colorado 80202

-Cosmetic Denistry of Denver Dr Gary Radz - If you would like to smile more confidently, knowing your teeth are their whitest and brightest, you might want to consider dentist-supervised teeth whitening. Teeth whitening is a safe, effective and lasting way to lighten most smiles, available in a variety of methods and concentrations for various kinds of teeth. 999 18th Street Suite 235 Denver, CO 80202

-Teeth whitening at the Denver area practice of Steven Weinstein, D.D.S. - can refresh and brighten your smile. We offer an in-office laser treatment that allows you to walk out of our practice in one hour with the results you deserve. For those that prefer at home teeth whitening, Dr. Weinstein also provides a tray whitening system that has proven to be successful for our patients. 7180 E. Orchard Rd. Ste. 306, Englewood, Colorado 80111

More often than not, teeth whitening is an adequate solution to discoloration. The effectiveness of teeth whitening can vary, depending on the individual. Also, whitening procedures can cause temporary, which varies in intensity from person to person. Occasionally tooth discoloration is so severe that whitening alone cannot fully treat the problem. In these situations, veneers might be a better option. Your dentist can advise you about this.

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