Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Stop Anxiety Attacks - How To Overcome Anxiety Attacks

Anxiety attacks are a frightening experience for anybody who has ever had one and the thought of another attack is even more frightening than the first attack.
You can not stop anxiety attacks by simply wishing them away. Many people think about having another anxiety attack so much that they actually trigger another attack.

You can trigger a anxiety attack by constantly thinking about having an anxiety attack. If you are fearful of panic attacks you may bring about more attacks by thinking about past problems.

To avert panic and anxiety attacks a great exercise is to close your eyes and get yourself into a comfortable position. When your body is really relaxed picture your problems floating away. Creating a picture in your mind will help you reduce your stress and let go of your anxiety.

A great way to cut short panic and anxiety attacks is to regulate your breathing. A natural way to stop an attack is to breath air in through your nose and gradually out through your mouth.

To control an anxiety attacks you need to regulate your breathing pattern. If you can control your breathing in a steady pattern you will help your body let go of it's stress naturally.

If you think your about to have an anxiety attacks try to trick your brain and think about something else. If you can focus on different objects you can help your body relax and you may be able to stop anxiety and panic attacks from ever getting started.

Here are a couple tricks to help yourself prevent the onset of an anxiety attack. If you are outside try to count people with black hair or count the amount of cars you see. If your at home try to sing your favorite song this will help you take your mind off your anxiety.

The trick to stopping an anxiety or panic attack it to get your brain focusing on something else instead of this feeling of doom that many people get when faced with anxiety attacks.

Prevention is the best way to stop panic and anxiety attacks from ever getting started. It is important to exercise on a regular basis, when you exercise your body release chemicals that help your body relax and reduce stress naturally.

Stay away from high sugar foods and caffeinated drinks that will stimulate your brain. Not all these tips will work for everyone, try one or two the next time your feeling anxious and you may avoid an anxiety attack in the future.

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