Thursday, February 28, 2008

Get Rid of Gallstones- Naturally Dissolve and Flush Gallstones Before You Choose Surgery

You are reading this article because you have one thing on your mind, "How do I get rid of gallstones?" Millions of people are wondering that same question at this same moment and the majority of them will choose surgery, only because their doctor recommends it.

Though surgery might seem like your best option (according to your doctor or surgeon), did you know that you can get rid of gallstones by naturally dissolving and flushing them? And the best part about the natural treatment is that you get to keep your gallbladder (which is an organ). Unfortunately, most people never hear about the treatment because their family doctor is not familiar with natural health or most gallstone sufferers are not educated enough about gallstones and natural health.

Did you know that you can get rid of gallstones naturally with a simple 24 hour liver and gallbladder flush?

Why You Need Your Gallbladder!

If you are anything like me, the word 'cancer' sends shivers up my spine! And unfortunately, you are putting yourself at risk for cancer if you surgically remove your gallbladder.

After your doctor diagnoses you for acute cholecystitis (inflamed gallbladder), he will probably recommend the same solution he has told the hundreds of patients he has seen before you. "You should surgically remove your gallbladder."

But, you need your gallbladder! And before you think about going through with gallbladder surgery, you should know that losing your gallbladder increases your risk of bowel cancer. Because without your gallbladder, bile will continuously drip into your digestive system. In most cases, the constant dripping will cause diarrhea but after numerous years the constant dripping; it can develop into a more severe problem than diarrhea. Finally, removing your gallbladder may also lead to higher blood cholesterol levels which in some cases have lead to strokes.

By keeping your gallbladder you can avoid expensive surgery and more importantly avoid the risk of bowel cancer!

Are you ready to get rid of gallstones?

Naturally Dissolve and Flush Gallstones

One of the most popular ways to get rid of gallstones naturally is a liver "cleanse". With a liver cleanse you are rewarding your liver for its daily work and in the process you are helping to alleviate the possibility of additional strain being placed on the gallbladder with the excess cholesterol and bile salts that can accumulate with an under-functioning liver.

The liver works hard to remove the toxins (impurities) that build up in your body. These toxins include a wide array of pollutants, including excess fats, alcohol and anything we eat that needs to be filtered. A liver cleanse helps eliminate buildup of excess toxins and allows the liver to keep performing at its maximum capacity.

A liver cleanse will usually last about a day and uses a variety of ingredients to flush out the liver.

The following days after the cleanse, it would be important to know how your diet can help or hurt your treatment. You should avoid foods that are high in fats, cholesterol and fried foods.

Begin Your Treatment Today

Imagine... no surgery, keeping your gallbladder, forgetting the pain and flushing your gallstones naturally. All of this can be reality with a 100% guaranteed gallstones remedy that is doctor-approved and easy-to-follow. If you are interested in how natural health can make you gallstone-free in less than 24 hours, please visit our Get Rid of Gallstones Website.

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Get Rid of Gallstones

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