Thursday, February 28, 2008

Five Top Tips for Getting a Good Nights Sleep

Sleep and rest are essential ingredients for a healthy existence, and are deemed by many experts to be just as important as balanced nutrition and taking regular exercise. People leading busy lifestyles often overlook the importance of getting a good night's sleep. The irony here is that taking the recommended eight hours sleep every night will actually better prepare people for the challenges thrown at them by their hectic lifestyle. In order to arrive at an atmosphere which will aid you in falling effortlessly to sleep it is suggested that you assess the following:

1. Arrangement of Bedroom Furniture This isn't about Feng-Shui, it is simply about practicality. A cluttered room with poor furniture arrangement can be devastating to ones hopes of getting a good nights rest, and this is primarily because untidiness clutters the mind. Anxiety (perhaps brought on by worrying when you will next have time to tidy your bedroom!) prevents your mind from resting, which is a vital ingredient for a good nights sleep. Keeping distracting items, such as televisions, computers and stereos in the bedroom is also not recommended due to the disruption they cause to somebody trying to sleep. Electrical items left on standby still emit light and even a slight humming noise which all contributes to keeping you awake!

2. Light Experts recommend a dark room to be much better for sleeping in, because our bodies naturally wake up in response to light. If your curtains or blind are permeable then it is more than likely that you will wake up long before the alarm clock goes off, particularly during the summer months. Nightlights and bedside lamps can trick the mind into thinking it is either time to wake up or it is not time to go to sleep!

3. Noise Noise can be extremely irritating when trying to get to sleep. Many people would assume earplugs are the solution to this problem however; this can be a dangerous tactic, particularly if you sleep alone, because you may not wake up should a smoke alarm go off. Double glazing is a very effective insulator of distracting noise caused by traffic, although it can be expensive. Hanging heavy curtains is a less costly solution to this problem or, alternatively, you could consider moving the bedroom to the back of the house.

4. Temperature. It is important to think about what you wear to bed. Experts recommend wearing natural products (such as cotton) because these are best for letting your body breathe which in turn will help keep your temperature down. The density of your duvet will also play an important role in ensuring you maintain a healthy while sleeping. You may find it is necessary to use different thicknesses of duvet depending on the time of year.

5. Mattress & Bed Base It is vital that you are comfortable lying on your mattress. If not, then it can become extremely irritating and it will prevent you sleeping. Mattresses have a shelf life and it is important to review the situation at least every 10 years. There should be adequate room for you to move around in your bed while you sleep, which is definitely worth bearing in mind if you share your bed with a partner.

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There are beds and mattresses to suit the needs of even the most complicated sleepers. If you are confident that points 1 - 4 in this article are not affecting your sleep, then it is probably time you considered assessing the kind of mattress you sleep on. The good news is that today you can search for mattress prices online.

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