Wednesday, December 5, 2007

Effectiveness of a wrinkle cream: A million dollar question

A mirror is not always your best friend. It doesn’t hesitate to highlight even the smallest acne or a pimple on a face. It is noticed that good looks are consistently ranked high when it comes to survival. Even our history has umpteen examples of some of the biggest wars being fought for the sake of a gorgeous lady.

Beauty always gets noticed. Cleopatra is the world renowned example of her unmatched beauty and charm. To preserve beauty, it is very important to preserve our ‘Youth’ as long as we can.

Ugly wrinkles are the first signs of old age. Though a lot of research is still on to find the main cause of wrinkles, but a couple of factors that seem to accelerate wrinkles are excessive exposure to our skin to the harmful ultra violet rays of the sun and too much of mental strain.

Development of wrinkles is directly associated with the process of aging. "Collagen" and "Elastin" are the proteins present in our skin with makes it youthful. However, as we grow old, the availability of collagen and elastin in our skin decreases dramatically. It starts the process of wrinkle development in our body.

The question here is of the effectiveness of a wrinkle cream. The world today very proudly boasts of thousands of anti-aging products and almost all the brands have a series of anti-aging products lined up in their shelves. This industry in its own is a million dollar industry generating millions of revenue every year.

Online stores and local shops over a wide range of anti-aging cosmetics to choose from their never ending list. The advertisements, endorsements and slogan lines of these lotions and creams even boast of immediate results of a younger looking skin.

The question of "the effectiveness of wrinkle creams" bothers most of us. It is suggested to adopt a smart approach while deciding which cream will work for you. A little understanding of your own skin with some patience will go a long way in determining which cream suits you. Anti-aging products have shown different results with different skin types and therefore, some people may experience fast improvements while others feel that the cream is not worth the hype.

It is always advisable to seek advice from a certified skin care expert to understand which anti aging product is best suitable for your skin type. Also, you should only use trusted brand names of the cosmetic industry. Always remember to be patient for the results as every skin takes different time to show signs of improvement. Then, you should be able to answer "how effective are wrinkle creams?" for others.

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A little understanding of your own skin with some patience will go a long way in determining which cream suits you.
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