Wednesday, December 5, 2007

The best wrinkle cream - How to find it

The starting place is to find out what this really means. Look up 'good' in a dictionary and find the superlative form. You might be wondering how this will help, but this should be clear to you by the end of this article.

You should have found the word 'best' - defined as 'of the highest quality, excellence, or standing'. While many can be 'good' only one can be the 'best'. But when you search for the phrase "the best wrinkle cream", it will disappoint you with many thousands of contradicting results.

So 'best' should give you a single result, but it doesn't. How do you approach the task of finding the best available wrinkle cream. Where do you start?

A good place is to ask a couple of questions, what are wrinkles and what causes them? These are the same questions being asked daily by the cosmetic industry giants around the world, leading to a very lucrative marking in anti-aging products for them and leaving most of the rest of us with almost too much choice.

There are two main causes of wrinkles, one we cannot control is aging, the rest, mental stress, ultra-violet sun rays we can. But both lead to the same problem: Wrinkles reducing our beauty day by day. We need therefore to be sure we select the best wrinkle cream.

As the anti aging market has been around for many years, constant research has meant that there are now many top quality anti aging skin care products. The target that all the companies are aiming for is a product that would permanently remove wrinkles .

We need to change our original question then, which is the best wrinkle cream FOR YOU? This is not a straightforward thing after all, there are many different skin types which will respond differently to the same product. Research of your own is the key to this, get to know your own skin.

A great place to start is to track down and talk to a good skin-specialist such as a dermatologist. Their advice and your own growing knowledge will put you in a great position to answer you question and find the best wrinkle cream.

About the Author
Geoff Hopkins has worked in the eye wrinkle cream industry for years. He maintains websites about eye wrinkle cream and anti aging treatments. If you want to contact him, you can use the contact for at one of his sites.


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