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Colloidal Silver Dosage For Maximum Safety And Effectiveness

Colloidal silver can be taken orally, through a nebulizer, or topically. Orally simply means ingesting the colloid in measured teaspoons or tablespoons. A nebulizer is a device that turns the product into a fine mist, allowing you inhale it directly into your lungs. Topically means applying the product directly to the infected area.
It can be difficult to estimate the exact colloidal silver dosage needed as silver concentrations can vary from colloid to colloid. So there can't be a precise "recommended dosage." When deciding upon a dosage, consider what you are using the silver for, the concentration of silver particles, and how you are taking the silver.

If one is taking Mesosilver, which has an ideal silver concentration of 20 PPM, people who wish to take colloidal silver orally to maintain their health should ingest one teaspoon daily. That may not seem like much, but many report that it is plenty enough to help boost your immune system and prevent diseases. Patients who wish to take the product to support their immune system in fighting a bacterial, viral, or fungal infection should take one tablespoon up to four times per day.

Obviously, these dosages may not be effective or safe if the colloidal silver they are taking has a lower or higher concentration of silver. So it usually best to stick with Mesosilver to ensure you are getting a true colloidal silver with the highest particle surface area.

When taking colloidal silver with a nebulizer, make sure to set the device to between 25-30 psi. If your nebulizer has an adjustable head, try to inhale the finest mist available. Ideally, it should be so fine as to be barely visible or not visible at all.

The amount of colloidal silver one should take with a nebulizer also can vary, but it is generally a good idea to use it multiple times during the day. For example, one might use the nebulizer for five minutes every hour, or for ten minutes a couple times during the day. Placing half an ounce to one ounce of the colloid in the nebulizer should last anywhere from one day to a couple days.

To use colloidal silver topically to fight skin infections and help wounds heal faster, patients usually apply a small amount of product to the infected area regularly. Many users claim success by moistening the sponge part of a bandage with colloidal silver and applying it to the area. Many hospitals do the same by using silver infused bandages. True colloidal silver has no proven side effects.

However, anyone who is allergic to silver should obviously abstain from taking any silver product. Some people may experience rashes, aches, and flu like symptoms after taking colloidal silver. This is not a negative reaction to the silver itself, but rather something called the Herxheimer reaction (named after a German dermatologist.)

When bacterial, viral, and fungal infections are destroyed en masse in your body, the now dead pathogens release a great deal of toxins, which may lead a patient to feeling ill for a couple days. These feelings should go away after no more than three days, and patients have reported that it doesn't return if you use the product regularly.

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