Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Hot Fitness Trends For 2010

Exercising in style doesn't have to mean wearing the latest sneakers or warm-up suits. In this Information Age that we live in, what's "hot" can become "not hot" at lightning-fast speeds. That also includes fitness trends, which tend to change from year-to-year. While the trend in 2009 involved adding a wider variety of exercises to our workouts, 2010 will like focus on economical exercising. Here are some tips to do workouts on a budget:
1. Build a home gym.
More people in 2010 will opt to create a home gym, in order to avoid the high costs of gym memberships. The drawback is that you'll have to use your own equipment. But one way to save on exercise equipment is to buy pieces that have multiple functions. That includes a step, medicine balls, and Swiss balls. Oftentimes, you can buy some basic equipment that provides the same results as when using pricey gym equipment. Also, by working out at home, you can save on the high cost of designer fitness apparel. You won't have to dress to impress!
2. Create your own weights.
If you think about it, the purpose of the weights is simply to create resistance during your workouts. So you don't need to spend a small fortune when creating weights for your workout regimen. Milk jugs, tennis ball cans, water bottles, and small duffel bags can all function as effective weights for home workouts. Remember that your body won't know the difference between expensive and makeshift weights!
3. Buy used exercise equipment.
From weights to exercise bikes, you can easily find secondhand versions of all the equipment you need for your workouts. Where should you look? Online auctions and classified ads are some excellent sources. You can also find offline and online stores that specialize in used sports equipment. Quality equipment will last quite a while, which means that used equipment won't necessarily fall apart as soon as you buy it.
4. Buy alternatives to pricey cardio machines.
Yes, treadmills and elliptical trainers can definitely be effective pieces of equipment for your cardio exercises. But you could use cheaper alternatives at home, such as outdoor jogging, jump ropes, and so on. You definitely shouldn't forego cardio exercises, since they can be integral in burning calories and fat. On the other hand, buying a cheap treadmill or elliptical trainer can be a terrible investment since it likely won't be built to last more than a year or so.
5. Go with the basics.
Taking this approach will ensure that you have everything you need for a quality workout, and have enough money for those items. Some of the essentials for workout programs, are a quality pair of sneakers, and a heart-rate monitor. Arguably a quality portable music player is also an essential, since it can make exercises such as jogging and bicycling less mundane. The key is to streamline your exercise budget.
According to experts, 2010 will likely be the year of the budget exerciser. These tips will help you to enjoy quality workouts, at a fraction of the normal cost.
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