Friday, October 24, 2008

how to lose weight while eating restaurant food

Dieting can be harsh, you have to watch what you eat, and would like to just eat a nice meal prepared by your favorite restaurant. You were advised by your doctor or health physician to follow a strict diet, of low sodium meals in order for you can loose weight. Your confused and not sure what method works. I will show you that you don't need strict diets, and can eat restaurant prepared meals and still loose weight.

You should avoid richly fried foods, they are no good for your health, and this has nothing to do with dieting. fatty foods is a no-no. Raw vegetables and fruits are the best foods to help you loose weight quickly.

Here are four tips that will help you loose weight while eating restaurant food:

1. Eat at vegetarian restaurants: To be safe, I advise you visit only restaurants that serve vegetarian meals. Non veggie restaurants are only allowed once you understand how to eat out, and still loose weight. You have to know how to spot high-calorie foods and high-fat foods. Those are the ones that must be avoided at all cause until you get control of your eating habits.

Most restaurants serve ordinary chicken meat, and you should only be eating lean chicken meat, because it's not laden with fat like the ordinary chicken meat. Most restaurants don't offer the choice between the two, and that is why you should stick with vegetarian restaurants.

2. Avoid all types of salad dressings: Many give advice on the types of different salad dressing, lite, non fat and low carbs and state that they don't add to your weight loss problem. As you already know, raw vegetable helps you burn fat by increasing your metabolic rate. On the other side, there are salad dressings that most restaurants serve which are very rich in calories. When ordering salads, please ask for them to hold the dressings.

3. Buffet style is affordable: Buffet style is the most affordable meals served today, but they are very rich in calories, and the fried foods should be avoided at all cost. These meals are prepared in fatty oils, and will not aid in your weight loss quest. So, while going with the buffet meals, choose the salads, fruits and other healthy alternatives. You should try to avoid eating any type of meals prepared in oil or fat. Grilled meals are great, but only small portions.

4. Avoid big meals: The amount of food you eat, is actually a measure for the amount of weight you will gain. You should limit the amount you eat. Smaller portion are better than huge amounts digested over one meal. Don't over eat, ask for take outs if your tempted to eat the whole meal served. Save some for another day, that will help you to stop over-eating.

You can visit a restaurant once or twice per week, just monitor what you eat, and how much. But, stick to your diet plan, and don't forget to exercise at least three times per week.

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