Friday, December 31, 2010

Learn The Truth About Alkaline Water And Cancer by Gordon Hall

There are no scientific studies concerning alkaline water and cancer. You should not listen to people promoting home tap-water ionizers, the alkaline ash diet or the test strips to measure the pH of your urine.

Relying on those kinds of non-treatments may cause people to ignore their doctor's advice about proven treatments. The promoters of these products are nothing more than snake oil salesmen. They should be put out of business.
With all of the carcinogens in our environment, there is good reason to worry about developing a cancerous tumor at some point in your life. But, there is no reason to be obsessed with the thought. You could end up wasting your life by worrying about the end of it.
Besides, a growing number of scientists and other researchers believe that the underlying cause of most age-related cancers is poor nutrition…a lack of essential nutrients in the diet or simply eating a lot of unhealthy foods.
Processed foods are a good example of things that are probably bad for our health. They all contain artificial preservatives. Many artificial preservatives act like estrogen. One of the bad side effects of estrogen is that it speeds the growth of existing tumors.
The salespeople say there are studies concerning alkaline water and cancer.
There are some laboratory tests that show cancer cells grow faster in an acidic environment and that chemotherapy drugs are more effective if the area surrounding the tumor has a more alkaline pH level. But, those are test tube studies.
In the test tube studies, it has been seen that cancerous cells cannot grow or survive in a high-alkaline environment, but neither can healthy cells.
There is a full article on the subject at
The salespeople seem to be convinced that the studies concerning alkaline water and cancer cells in the test tube provide evidence that people should aim to increase the alkalinity of their blood by eating certain foods or drinking ionized water. This is impossible.
The pH level of human blood is carefully maintained by the body. If you could actually increase the alkalinity of your blood, it would make you sick and you could die as a result. The alkalinity of the urine or your saliva is not indicative of the pH level of your bloodstream.
The worst thing about the ionizer salespeople is that they lead people to believe that their products improve the quality of your tap water. That is untrue. It is only possible to do that with a home water purifier. Ionizers are not purifiers. They do not remove impurities.
Many of the chemicals in publicly treated supplies are known carcinogens. In any area where the water is treated with chlorine or other disinfectants, there is a higher incidence of certain kinds of cancers, including bladder cancer. Scientists are sure the reason for the increased incidence is the presence of disinfection byproducts called THMs.
Home purifiers that remove THMs are available for the kitchen and the bathroom. Reducing your exposure to THMs by using these purifiers could help you reduce your risk of certain kinds of age-related cancers, but there are no guarantees.
The best we can do is to try and avoid carcinogens. Eat foods that are rich in antioxidants and natural anti-inflammatories, which have been proven in humans to be accompanied by a reduced risk of various health problems.
Ignore anything you read about alkaline water and cancer. It's a scam. If you are currently in good health, spend your time learning about how to protect your health.
Compare the effectiveness of home water purifiers and think about taking a good multi-nutritional supplement. If you are ill, follow your doctor's recommendations. That's the best advice.
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Gordon Hall is fervent about enabling you and everyone to live a healthy lifestyle, and is an ardent reviewer of Water Purification Systems. Visit his website now at to discover which Water Purification Systems Gordon recommends after far ranging comparisons.


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I carry a notepad in my purse all the time. I haven't been writing stuff down lately- sometimes I wish I was a real food blogger and my pictures could do the talking. I run out of stuff to say! learn more about Alkaline Water

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There are no scientific studies concerning alkaline water and cancer. You should not listen to people promoting home tap-water ionizers, the alkaline ash diet or the test strips to measure the pH of your urine.